DynamoDB in real life

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For every advantage of a new(ish) technology, there is an equal and opposite disadvantage. AWS DynamoDB is no exception. Follow the triumphs and despairs of using this document store in a real-life project.

Building for Success and Failure with Disqus

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Disqus provides an exceptionally effective store for user-generated content, but how do you protect against API failures or deluges of heavy traffic, while maintaining Disqus as the single source of truth? In this October 2nd, 2014 presentation, Jonathon Hill discusses a caching strategy and walk through some of the nuances of the Disqus API.

Software Estimation Pro Tips

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You’re an expert developer, peacefully composing code into a profoundly elegant masterpiece, when suddenly your boss rushes in with the Next Big Idea that will Revolutionize The Way People Use The Internet. He’s on his way to pitch to a VC, and stops by to describe the Idea in excited terms. After a 30 second elevator pitch, he pops the question: “So, Ricky, how long do you think it will take to build this thing-a-ma-bob?” What do you say? In this presentation, Jonathon Hill presents ten Pro Tips that will cover your back, save your job, and keep your boss’s shirt.

Multi-tasking in PHP

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When it comes to multi-tasking and interacting with the operating system, PHP is no lightweight. In this December 6, 2012 presentation Jonathon Hill (@compwright) explores PHP’s little-known POSIX, Process Control, and Semaphore extensions and shows you how to introduce a parallel dimension to your applications.