DynamoDB in real life


For every advantage of a new(ish) technology, there is an equal and opposite disadvantage. AWS DynamoDB is no exception. Follow the triumphs and despairs of using this document store in a real-life project.

Software Estimation Pro Tips


You’re an expert developer, peacefully composing code into a profoundly elegant masterpiece, when suddenly your boss rushes in with the Next Big Idea that will Revolutionize The Way People Use The Internet. He’s on his way to pitch to a VC, and stops by to describe the Idea in excited terms. After a 30 second elevator pitch, he pops the question: “So, Ricky, how long do you think it will take to build this thing-a-ma-bob?” What do you say? In this presentation, Jonathon Hill presents ten Pro Tips that will cover your back, save your job, and keep your boss’s shirt.